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Nii Lante Vanderpuye Just Won’t Budge – GFA Laments

Spokesperson for the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Ibrahim Saani Daara, says the gridlock between his outfit and the Sports Minister is due to the Minister’s unwarranted antagonism.

Saani Daara says despite numerous efforts to broker peace with Nii Lante Vanderpuye he remains uncompromising.

“We have tried in various ways to speak to him privately, but it only gets worse. We have sent our leaders to go and meet him and talk him over and in the last meeting he promised he will not make any derogatory remarks against the GFA again. Two days later he was at it again ,” Sani Daara said.

He was speaking Wednesday on PM Express on the Joy News channel (Multi TV) that discussed the protracted row between the Sports Minister and the GFA.

The Kwasi Nyatakyi-led GFA and Mr Vanderpuye have been at each other’s throat since the latter assumed office in January this year.

The situation has gotten so bad that they have started trading insults at each other.

Kwasi Nyantakyi said the Sports Minister’s comments about the GFA and Football in Ghana on radio are like that of a fickle serial caller, the Sports Minister retaliated – he called the GFA a maggot-infested cow dung.

Commenting on what kick started the feud, Saani Daara said the Minister gave signs about his aggression against the GFA as early as when he was being vetted for the Ministerial role.

“It is a basic misunderstanding. But we think that the mode in which the Minister is communicating issues affecting football, is the wrong method,” Saani Daara told show host, Malik Abass Daabu.

He said the Minister’s resort to Whatsapp platforms to announce important sports-related information is unprofessional.

He explains the Minister’s bad-mouthing of the GFA got to a head when he alleged that the Association offers bribes to secure wins for the Black Stars during international friendlies.

Mr Daara said that grave allegation demanded a direct and swift response from the GFA, admitting the GFA’s response may have intensified the disagreement.

He dispelled suggestions that the disagreement has a political skew.

Some commentators have said the GFA is pro-opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

But Mr Daara says sympathisers of both the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the oppositon NPP are adequately represented within the GFA.

He thinks the GFA and the Sports Ministry can make progress, but Mr that will happen when Mr Vanderpuye changes his methods.


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