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Opinion: “Football must be run by ex footballers”

There is a chorus in the airwaves “football must be run by ex footballers” when I hear it I bust into laughter. I always ask myself so when these ex- footballers were playing actively in their days who were the people running our football? Were they retired footballers? The answer is a big no.
Can someone give me only three (3) names of former footballers without the requisite education in running of football who has become football administrators and has cause a significant transformation in this country’s football.
Football has moved from the usual kick and follow to tactical play on the field so is the administrative side, from the usual dependent of supporters to come to stadium and watch a match to generate funds, to a more advance process, ie sponsorships, branding, broadcast rights, etc.
These things require certain level of formal education on the area not mere playing of football. Seriously I would love to see ex-footballers equipping themselves very well and then we can all say they are ready to run our football.
The ex-footballers who took interest in formal education or even updated themselves with the current trend of football business are all part of the development of Ghana football, one can talk of Tony Baffoe( General Secretary of PFAG) and also a member of the GFA player Status committee, Kwame Ayew, Yussif Chibsah, Ibrahim Tanko, Stephen Appiah, Akwasi Appiah, Maxwell Konadu, Richard Kingston, CK Akonnor, Francis Oti Akenteng, Felix Aboagye etc. These are people who wanted to do football business after their career as professional footballers and they are in today. The mere fact that they played football did not take them there but rather they got the necessary education and that has taken them there.
In Europe players take courses while playing so by the time they call it quit they already pocess the required qualifications to handle the field they choose.
Recently I overhead Baba Amando on radio saying football must be handle by ex-footballers and sighted an example with the vice President of GFA Mr George Akwasi Afriyie as someone who don’t no football because he has not play football before, forgetting that it was this same man who managed him during his playing days, so if don’t no anything about football how did he manage him so well?
These things to me shows how shallow minded Baba Amando and all those who think in that line are. Football today is run by people who has the requisite qualification and not ex-footballers. If anyone want to join the administration of Ghana football he/she should get the required knowledge in football, and that person will get the chance. Don’t insult people in football because you don’t like them, always get the facts before you talk, Do not forget that GFA is a limited liability company of voluntary nature, so if you want to be part of it go through the necessary process and become part, it is only then that your voice and vote can count. Football is run by football people, not carpenters, the same way furniture is made by carpenters not football people.
Let’s all stay in our lane.
God bless Ghana football.

By :Nana Amankwa Kwakye

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