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The Infinity Stars Hotel grounds witnessed an electrifying Boxing Night showdown on December 26, as Saviour Gad was declared winner of the main bout against Accra based Daniel Timothy.

Saviour, who hails from Adina, ad also known as Volta Tyson, revised his target just before the bout to stop his opponent in round 2 instead of 3. Daniel Timothy, from the Akotoku Academy rather kept his round 2 stoppage of his opponent from the Attoh Quarshie gym.

The Welterweight contest was preceded by 3 undercard bouts, with 4, being juvenile fights.

For the encouragement of the young ones, all the juvenile fights which travelled for 3 rounds ended in draws. A Special bout between Abigail Quartey and Trudy Manteaw also ended in a draw.

Notable among the undercards, was a light Flyweight contest between Richard Bazir from Togo, who defeated Bernard Adjewoda from Ghana. In the same category, Volta’s Prosper Afagbedzi stood tall, in his fight against Nii Korle from the Attoh Quarshie Gym in Accra.

The main bout of the day, which actually charged the atmosphere started with both boxers, being cautious, not until the hard punches begun from Gad, who was almost always on the defence. Daniel, was however skillfully dodging some of the direct punches from Gad and getting his opponent with some jabs and upper cuts. In the second round, Daniel almost went to the canvas, as Gad chased him to every corner of the ring.


The Money Team boxer was forced to give 3 below belt punches in a way of weakening his opponent but went against him, as the Judges and the Referee ended the bout and declared Saviour Gad, winner.

At the Press conference after the bout, delighted Saviour Gad admitted he had a tough fight and promised a knockout in his next bout.

“I feel very great and I am very happy to win this bout. Though in the ring, it wasn’t easy for me but I know all was due to God, because that was the promise I had from my coach ad my manager as well. So, I am very happy. My next plan is to train harder, so that when my manager and Coach gets me a fight, I’ll knock down my opponent.”

Daniel Timothy, who was unhappy with the call from the Judges and the Referee, refused to attend the Press conference. His Coach, Nii Attuquaye told the press, they will call for a rematch, expressing his dissatisfaction about the decision.

“It was a bad decision and I don’t understand. I want a rematch, in a week’s time. Didn’t you see the fight, like we will kill Tyson. If Tyson’s manager will accept, we will host them in Accra, in a month’s time, because it was a bad decision.”

Manager of Saviour Gad, who doubles as the promoter of the Boxing Day showdown, John Kwakuvi Hounlessodji (CEO of Infinity Group of companies) says, his boxer deserved the win.

“The fight didn’t end prematurely, because in boxing there are lots of things involved, including techniques. I believe my coach taught my boxer a lot of techniques, so we won by the techniques and not premature. We didn’t declare ourselves winners, but the judges did. Our promise to the region and the nation was to win at the second round. This is a very great record for us and we are very happy, especially myself.”

This this results becomes Daniel’s first lost, as he has won 7 fights by way of knockout and 1 draw. Saviour will now have an increase of wins to 4, with 2 draws.


There were several guests who graced the night, including Ketu North DCE, Anthony Avorgbedor and Ketu South MCE, Elliot Agbenowoo. Volta Regional Boxing Federation Chairman, Foster Enam Dagadu was also present.

Special guest appearance, Brimah Kamoko Bukom Banku thrilled the fans with his comical display and songs.

Allorledzi dancers, and Gima Gh also entertained the crowd with beautiful dancing skills and Music respectively.


Juvenile Amateur Bouts (No weight)

1. Blessing Nettey vs Stephen Ayikwei Armah

2. Joseph Okoe Mensah vs Caleb Dadzie

3. Nakai Nettey vs Nii Dodoo Wellington

4. Derrick Mensah vs Akai Nettey

(All draw) No judges.


Light Flyweight

5. #Richard #Bazir (Togo) vs Bernard Adjewoda (Ghana)

6. #Prosper #Afagbedzi (Volta) vs Nii Korley (Accra)

7. Francis Bugri vs #Henry #Malm

8. Samuel Wilson vs Theophilus K. Allotey #Draw

9. Michael Nelson vs Mohammed Ayitey #Draw

10. #Fusseini #Mohammed vs Abdul Azize Issifu

Special Female bout*L

11. Abigail Quartey vs Trudy Manteaw #Draw

Light Welterweight

12. Vincent Aklu vs #Michael # Bibi

13. #Prosper # Godsway #Dzivor vs Albert Masopeh


14. #Saviour #Gad vs Daniel Timothy

*NB: All bouts went 3 rounds apart from the Female bout which traveled 4 rounds.

By Davis Attuquaye Clottey

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