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OPOINION: “Why do Ghanaians still think nothing but football when it comes to sports?”

Sports simply put is a human activity which brings about fun and excitement for participants, improves physical ability and bridges gaps like culture and language barriers, and serves as a means of entertainment. Sports are governed by rules and customs.

Crazy me .you will say, what comes to mind when you think of sports in a Ghana is football, hmm, highly debate table? These shows how in the past and even recent times Ghana sports authorities have cut off funding for various sports disciplines in order to increased funds available for soccer, because of this various sports events have seen limited  Ghanaian participation.

Football, soccer was brought or introduced by our colonial Lords ( British).Nkrumah even used soccer as a channel or medium to reach or communicate that Africa need not bow to anyone or imperialist.

Despite the lack of marketing and management, that’s the focus on promoting, the physical product, the professional footballers and even our clubs like liberty professionals, Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak, I think these will fall under brand name, Ghana also lacks in field of education concerning the business aspect of sports, example limited sports college, recreation facilities, soccer finance and even information itself limited.

Media coverage, I guess u can tell better, how most of the match schedules are, broadcast in English, but that does not kill the spirit of the ordinary, uneducated Ghanaian fans who will watch and keep asking questions, sometimes fans cannot watch live matches because they are broadcast via satellite, so funny to see how Ghanaian can be patient, and wait anxiously for public broadcast or rebroadcast, so funny. Well because of the love we have  for the game we nicknamed BLACK STARS, that is the  star in the flag of Ghana,hmm can this be a attributed to the spirit of patriotism ,maybe u can save me and answer that, but remember that patriotic spirit of Ghanaian fans will live forever and will continue  to boost up the energy of black stars, After all u agree with me that team has won African cup of nations Four times (1968;1970;1992; and 2010)as of 2010 in south Africa they  became the only  African  team to reach quarter finals, Also 2014 they competed in their third consecutive world cup.

Ask me what is the current situation of the Ghanaian professional footballers in the black star team, I will say at least they earn good salary according to Ghanaian Standard, not western or European standard, which makes most players focus on transfer to Europe, so sad but man must survive, this will bring money to Ghana but also undermine the development of the local league.

Its obvious football is entertaining and able to distract one from “real life”, Ghanaian football inspires giving us the strongest, quickest and smartest and paves way for fans and supporters to strive for excellence just as their icons do.

Ghanaian football also touches the depth of our emotions, just find out what happens in Kumasi if Kotoko loses a match, remember down here all over the regions first game a male child learns is football it natural u can’t take that away, these are few but many more reasons as u assume, but when it comes to sports in Ghana, football stands out clear, that’s is.

“Why  do Ghanaians still think nothing but football when it comes to sports?”

By: Starry Quarshie,

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