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The untold Story of the outgone NSA Volta Regional Sports Director

Good work, they say deserves Appreciation. This is the hallmark of a dedicated and hardworking woman who changed the face of Sports in the Volta Region.

She was transferred from the Head office Accra to the Volta Region in 2014, succeeding Mr Kofi Abdallah, who went on retirement.

It took her time to study the terrain of Sports in the region before beginning her work. Her achievements which are not listed accordingly is very necessary to be shared as some only think she takes money for the usage of the stadium.

To begin with, seeing the bad nature of the Ho Sports Stadium pitch especially during the National Basic Sports Festival in August 2014, she closed it down to source for funds from corporate entities and benevolent individuals, to renovate it. Thereby improving on its state. This she did after meeting representatives of the football fraternity in Ho.

The closure in May 2015, although affected many football clubs, was a good move to erase the bad name ‘rice farm’ it was associated with as it becomes muddy whenever it rains.

Funds couldn’t come as expected but some work was done on the pitch.

Mad Vivian will be seen at times working on the grass herself, which exhibited her stupendous leadership. She opened the pitch to be used in January 2017, after the executives of Dynamo Fc, who qualified to participate in the National Division One league promised (and doing that) to help fast track the rolling and levelling of the pitch.

In 2015, she inaugurated the Regional Boxing Federation, that had not been active for years.. Again, she played a role in the inauguration of the Taekwondo Association in 2017 and has given them a portion of the stadium to develop for training.

She was also very active in most activities of the other sporting disciplines, ie Athletics, Volleyball, Handball, Cricket and others. She contributed immensely to the initiation of the maiden regional handball League which is ongoing at the Ho Sports Stadium on Saturday’s. It was evident, that some of the regional Associations never involved her in their programs. In effect, some didn’t work with her.

A rotational community-owned sports program in the Ho Municipality did not see the light of day.

Mad Vivian, who was concerned about the lack of attention given to grassroots sports development, organized a pilot program with Kabore School (Primary and JHS). Prior to rolling out a Back to Basics Grassroot program in the ensuing year.
The pupils were exposed to football, Basketball and some physical activities in the three-day event in July 2017 at Barracks.

Again at Barracks, she organized a keenly competed one day Games for the Security Services Wives (Army, Police, Prisons, Fire) in March 2016. Activities included volleyball, Bendall, sack race, lime and spoon, tug of peace, among others, with a talk on ‘Menopause’.

She has offered an office space to the Referees Association of Ghana, RAG-Volta at the stadium.

She planned a corporate league which begin with a one-day Departmental Games in September 2017 the teams participated in Sack race, 100m, football, lime and spoon, musical chairs, draught, Ludu with a health talk on Prostate cancer. She is leaving, at the time when the corporate league itself will be properly organized and to kick off.

Among all these, she visited some districts in the region, to advise, ascertain the level of work being done there.

Last but not the least, she leads an ill-prepared contingent to the revived National Sports Festival in Kumasi in September 2017. The teams performed well, especially in Handball, Taekwondo, Boxing, Table Tennis, Tennis, Athletics and Soccer.

In an exclusive interview with, Madam Vivian Dougblor says, she doesn’t really feel happy leaving, but as a necessary evil in the public service, one must be prepared for and accept it.

She also hopes that her successor will continue whatever she started, build on it and make it better. However, she will still support Volta Sports where necessary.

When asked about what she will miss about working in the region, she revealed, that it is the people she worked with and the various Associations.

“That will be the people, the staff, the sports fraternity, especially members of the various Associations. The technical people that we worked with, they have been Amazing and quite supportive.”

Of course, such a person who has worked to develop Sports in the region will be greatly missed. It is, however, a fact, that some people who are ignorant of these accomplishments still criticize her due to what I call personal scores, relating to understanding her role.

In a brief interaction with a colleague Journalist in the Region, on assessment of Mad Vivian’s reign, Rustum Gameli Senorgbe says, he wished Volta finally had a befitting stadium before her transfer, as she’s really exhibited leadership.

“I was humbled to see her work on the grass with supporting staff. Not all leaders can do that. Sad that we didn’t get a befitting stadium before her exit. I wish her well.”

These achievements I believe will drive her successor to do more, to better expose the talents in the region. Madam Vivian Vinette Douglas, on Friday, February 9, 2018, handed over to Mr Kwame Amponfi Junior, amidst a send-off Handball Match.

By: Davis Nii Attuquaye Clottey ( For more sports news and updates, follow on Twitter at @Herosportsgh and on Facebook at Herosportsgh.)  

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