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Vanderpuye not surprised by Isaac Asiamah’s irresponsible debt claims

The tough-talking parliamentarian has described as “unintelligent and irresponsible” claims made by his successor after he was accused of  leaving a huge debt at the sports ministry during his term of office

Former Youth and Sports Minister Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye has vehemently rejected assertions that he incurred a debt of GHC 51 million at the ministry before he bowed out of office.

According to the current minister for Youth and Sports, Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah, the erstwhile outspoken minister drained the coffers of his outfit with debts.

However, in response to the above startling revelation, the former sector minister says his successor is just making these claims to score political points.

“First, let me say when l heard it l was totally shocked. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he has said otherwise because l have known him not to do any good intelligence work but always doing politics. His statement is totally irresponsible and lacks intelligent work,”  Vanderpuye fumed on Accra-based Radio Gold

” And l am not surprised because he is just behaving like his president who comes to Parliament to tell the whole country that NDC left a debt of $11million and later on will say it is rather 5.5 something million. And so l am not surprised by his irresponsible and unintelligent claims. They think that they are still on a political campaign trail so they could do politics with everything.But now Ghanaians are wiser and are listening.”

Notwithstanding, Hon. Nii Lantey Vanderpuye says the chunk of the debts were incurred during former president Kuffour’s administration following the CAN 2008 tournament in Ghana with regards to construction activities and Hotel bills.

“l was expecting a very responsible minister for Youth and Sports to come to such a very important programme, have the opportunity of breaking down the debts portfolio of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, tell Ghanaians how the ministry through its inadequate budgetary allocation and also the way they have done things in the past always lavish in debt,”

“When l became the minister, there was a debt of almost about GHC420,000.00 and then also some to about equivalent to $12million. We worked on a programme to clear some of those debts,”

“Some of these debts were debts that the ministry has incurred as a result of the CAN 2008 activities under the President Kuffour administration. For example, the major one was a subcontractor at the Essipong Stadium who wasn’t paid and as such went to court and have a judgement debt slapped on the ministry,”

“The other one has to do with the fixing of the scoreboards at the Accra and Kumasi Stadia by Philips and their local Representatives. They were not paid and some have to do with hotel bills that were incurred as far back at CAN 2008. So all these things have piled up.”

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