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I have never seen Liverpool having fun with a ball till now. Like for real.. is this the Liverpool we know? They are the first team to have two players score 10+ goals in the Champions League; For sure “they never walk alone”. But I really want to talk about Mohammed Sallah; tell me he does not deserve the PFA POTY award and might just bow in shame. Kevin DeBruyne has been amazing this season, no doubt about it but then Mo Sallah has been out of this league; being the only Egyptian to win this award and also the second African to win it after Riyad Mahrez, in his first season for the club; come on!!

      We all know about Messi and Ronaldo doing their own thing every season but then I doubt people expected such performance from Mo Sallah. He has been the best signing this season in all the top 5 European clubs. He is enjoying himself at Anfield, scoring 43 goals in 47 games with 12 assists; mehn!!! He is the eish now …..MO SALLAH! MO SALLAH!! MO SALLAH!!! King of Egypt!!!!, the song that has been on the lips of every Liverpool fan.

 He scored twice and gave two assists during the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, am sure the Romanian coach and the board will be biting their fingers now for selling Sallah to Klopp, but am certain the real deal of regrets will be from Chelsea and Roman Abramovich for letting him (Sallah) go to Rome in the first place.

          We know what AS Roma did to Barcelona during the second leg of the quarterfinals games in the Champions League after been down by 4goals to 1, so they surely can turn things around in the second leg., but let’s not forget its Liverpool we are talking about now not Barcelona so it might be a little different. I seriously have nothing else to say now because Sallah’s Liverpool means business.

Sallah has scored 10 goals in the Champions League this season and in each of his five starts for Liverpool, he scores. He seriously deserved the PFA award seeing that he has more goals this season (43) than Lionel Messi (40) and Christiana Ronaldo (42); I mean we are witnessing something like never before.

If you are a football freak, this could possibly be the best moment in football even if you are not a fan of any of them…. This is what I call passion for football……it all ended 5-2 in favour of the home sided warriors(Liverpool); two goals from Sallah, two goals from Roberto Firmino and a goal from Sadio Mane.

As far as Anfield is the concern we have not seen such a game in a very long time. This is football and is glad I did not miss it, I sure hope you didn’t miss it either. Eight days from now and all roads lead to Rome once again, are we going to see another comeback from Rome? Or will Liverpool just push forward and forward; and who knows they might win the UCL.. right ?

By: Dorcas Osei ( evagrinnsports )

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