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Football Craze

It’s easy to have the craze or the feeling to be a footballer because of the wealth. The fame and dignity that comes with it but you can’t leave out the stress and.restrictions, dieting and tiresome training sections and brutal injuries that sometimes end of their career. Talk of the knee injuries, angle leg injuries and the rest. I personally pick up the groin injury to be the most dangerous. Not to talk of the bans .for example red card is three-match ban. The most t annoying is injuries at can occur few minutes when the match starts that will force the footballer off the pitch still the game is over. You can just imagine.

Is football a ritual? The ritual consists of meeting or gathering together of people [in the same place]of more than one is also reinforced as the gathered people begin to move, speak, sing, or Shout in a coordinated manner. Sports like football come along with certain rules. In fact, football tries to adapt and borrow religious rituals. These they inculcate and integrate into their own procedures and ceremonies.
The Crave for footballers to be the best is proving how much they need rituals in everyday life which makes them strictly conform to specific rules and conduct which brings about self-improvement. On the contrary at the end is simply put stardom which also related to the craving for power and other forms of satisfaction such as financial gratification or other forms of social, political, ethnic or professional gratification.

Come let’s have a flashback of the scenario of the last live match at the park or stadium. For me, I saw fans excitement at the stadium which changed the atmosphere. Excitement raised higher the fans of the winning team, that sent positive energy to the footballers and sends them into a different world. cheers and chants. Shouting and screaming from winning team fans synchronized with footballers. In fact, they go beyond their senses until after the match so funny this also applies to the fans. Why? Because of it emotional and mutual and not based on rationalization

Football is like the church is religious, both national and international teams have imposed rules. Actions dates and timetables. Football has calendars example, summer and winter Olympics. World and European championship takes place every, four years. Football has become a sacred thing they have stadiums and pitches just like churches, mosque and so on. The church is a place of gathered congregation for worship and paying attention to God. The stadium has gathered spectators ………………………….And paying attention to the football icons. Whats the difference help me out in a church we look up and on the pitch or stadium we look down’. Hmm, football will look like but never be a church. Sorry, root hats my opinion.
Football spiritualism is craved that comes with the will for national pride, seeking honour and fame and they believe in an external source for a push through for expected results.


Football as Spiritualism, it involves body, mind and soul. Spirituality helps athletes in coping with challenges of the competition, sports spiritualism terms in when we become absorbed in the activity, and forget yourself and the surrounding based on the high concentration just meditation, short distance runners have often experience a phenomenon called tipping which they feel they rise into the air or become light. hmmm, how can we describe this or call this? spiritual flying or mere imagination. Well am not an athlete neither have I experienced it.

Hmm think of this, footballers over the years have become like warriors going into battlefield, the first aim of every team is victory, that is success what do you think footballers kneel on the pitch, in a round formation before every match , is it only to remind team players of strategies?, some teams even at professional levels have their chaplain that pray for spiritual guidance before the match or competition, in fact, all teams connect to what they believe or to their source before match, this is simply connecting to something greater than self; why is it that our local teams go to JUJU for help; don’t laugh . Thatis another level of spirituality, whether juju plays are a role as it perceived in the local League or not that is for u to answer,
we are just connecting sports and spiritualism.

After all what about these two countries that have not gotten anywhere in the world of football [BENIN AND INDUIA]. These go to describe in the late seventies how Ghanaian players of hearts of oak failed to score their Guiney counterparts Hafia in an African cup because a spiritualist told them, the player who will put the ball at the back of their opponents net will die. You can just recall in 2014 when Kwaku Bosam came out to say he was behind Christian Ronaldo injury, that he cannot score a goal. But what happened? Oh, you have forgotten so soon, what about suggestions from spiritualist not wear certain colours and not using the main entrance. Contrary to all these sheikh Usman Nakabu who was based in Madina has made some predictions which were right example predictions for Asante Kotoko AND Five straight defeats for Abusua draughts in the league. these are few facts and we all Ghana consult spiritualist before key matches
Well enough of the critics of how juju is destroying the beauty of football what about voodoo religion in West Africa and how it was transported into Latin[south] America and west indies
fetishism has been excessive expensive and destructive and should have no place in the Ivorian football says MR Laurent Dona Fologo a former Ivorian sports minister football. What about the other forms of superstition and other believes persisting in European? for me they there is much to football than what we just see on our tv screens and pitches.



By: Starry Quarshie,

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