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Commodore: “Kwesi Nyantakyi should come back if NC wants to run the GFA on business terms”

Accra Great Olympics General Manager Oluboi Commodore

The dissident football administrator of the erstwhile GFA regime is championing the return of the embattled former FA boss if the Normalization Committee wants to “run the affairs of the game on business terms”

Fire-spitting Accra Great Olympics General Manager Oluboi Commodore has suggested that it will be prudent for former GFA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi to come back and continue with his mandate should the Normalization Committee continues to prioritise allowance earnings at the helm instead of making ammendments in the Statutes of the old administration.

The ever-outspoken football administrator is furious at the snail pace of the day to day running of the affairs of the game by the FIFA/CAF instituted Normalization Committee body under the stewardship of Dr. Kofi Amoah-led administration since they assumed office.

It has been reported that the Chairman of the interim football governing body and his members are pocketing an amount of $6,500 and $4,000 respectively in discharging their duties.

Following reports that a sum of $800,000 has been allotted for the Special Competition, Oluboi has accused the NC of focusing on the financial benefits to be obtained by them and has suggested they would not need any Normalization if accruing financial gains out of the competition remain their target in organizing the contest.

“lf they [Normalization Committee] wants to run the GFA on business terms as usual for what is ought to be reviewed during the old administration still remains unchanged, then we don’t want any Normalization from them in our football,” the firebrand “Dade boys” Chairman fired to Kumasi-based Light FM

He added: ” lf their focus is to get their allowances in organizing the Special Competition thereby forcing [us] to participate in it, l don’t think we may need any Normalization under this circumstances and l think we should go and bring back Kwesi Nyantakyi to come and continue with his mandate.”

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