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Unique Stars, Ho Tech Univ. sees victories in Volta Handball League Week 7

Unique Stars Handball Club and Ho Technical University enjoyed victories over their opponents in week 7 of the ongoing season 2 of the Volta Handball League.

Mawuko Girls and Unique Stars began the day in a rather tough first half which saw Unique Stars lead 15-14 in the match played on Saturday, March 16. Tactics and experience came to play as Unique Stars extended their lead in the second half and stretched their opponents who tried coming back at par. Unique Stars female then enjoyed their first victory since registering, with 33-25 results.

Unique Stars male team also ensured they beat Mawuli School in the second match of the day. Unique Stars weren’t complacent but consistent from start to finish with a half time score at 22-08. Mawuli School Handball team who managed to score 12 more goals in the second half, lost the game 52-20 in what can be described as Humiliation.

Ho Technical University (HTU) then came back to win a strong game against Stars of Asha (SOA) after going down 18-19 in the male division. The end to end super exciting encounter saw HTU triumphing 42-36.

Unique Stars male now lead the table with 8 points, as they beat Sonrise 44-23 in week 6 for the only game played on March 9, 2019.

HTU follow with 4 points same as SOA and South Tongu Talents with 2 points. Mawuli is yet to grab a point in their 2 outings.

South Tongu Talents lead the female table with 4 points, followed by Sonrise and Unique Stars with 2 points apiece while Mawuko and HTU lie bottom with no point.

The league continues unabated on Saturday, March 23 with week 8 ties as the organizing committee reminds all Clubs to pay their affiliation fees to enable the smooth running of the league.

The Volta Regional Handball Association is still calling on corporate bodies to come on board to sponsor the league.

By: Davis Nii Attuquaye Clottey ( For more sports news and updates, follow on Twitter at @Herosportsgh and on Facebook at Herosportsgh. )

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