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The most popular sport in Ghana has for a very long time been football. This has led to many investing their resources in it to develop the game around the country. Many talents have emerged over decades and many medals and honours have emerged from these investments in the sports. For its physical nature, it has culturally been seen as a male sport. But that perception no longer holds as many thousands of girls play the game all over the country.

It is a fact that infrastructure has not been properly developed despite the efforts of various governments and organizations.  Ghana’s top flight league, The Ghana Premier League still suffer from the lack of proper infrastructure and utility. But at least certain basic things are provided to make the game enjoyable by both the players and the fans.

The woman’s game is heavily underdeveloped, yet it is the faction that has won laurels for the country in about the last decade: The 2012 bronze medal from the Under-17 women world cup, the Gold medal from the All African games in 2015 and the Trophy from the West Africa Union championship  (WAFU) in 2017. These are very important victories that should have at least motivated the football authorities in the country to set aside a plan to develop the women’s game.

Last weekend,  during a semifinal match in the Ghana Football Association’s Normalization Committee Special Competition,  a referee,  Theresa Bremensu, was assaulted by fans after the game. This was just because,  there was no board to show the amount of stoppage time added at the end of 90 minutes of play.
This basic device not being present goes to show the level of disregard for the female side of the football in Ghana. You should even see the pitches on which these ladies play. It is absolutely insulting. Some teams do not even have jerseys and they use jerseys of foreign teams.

These are women, and if for anything,  we know women need extra attention in anything they endeavour. The passion of these female players is high above these hurdles and that is the only reason why they continue to play.
The female referee also needs to be protected just as the men are, in order to prevent such incidence again. 

Ghana’s women’s football deserve better. At least, if all basic things are provided or done, it is going to go a long way to strengthen our national women’s teams to win more medals in future competitions for the nation. Kudos to all female sports journalists who defy the odds to bring reports about the female game here in Ghana.

By: Amoako-Atta Joseph  ( For more sports news and updates, follow on Twitter at @Herosportsgh and on Facebook at Herosportsgh. )

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