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GFA Disciplinary Committee bans Referee Reginald Lathbridge

The GFA Disciplinary Committee has taken the following decision at its sitting: Reginald Lathridge banned for life.

The Disciplinary Committee has decided to ban Referee Reginald Lathbridge for life from taking part from all football-related activities (administrative, sports and any other) at national and international levels having been found guilty of the charges brought against him by the GFA Prosecutor.

Referee Reginald Lathbridge at a hearing at the Disciplinary Committee apologised to all stakeholders of the game and admitted the charge of failing to submit a complete and accurate Match Report to the GFA in the Matchday 7 of the 2016/2017 Ghana Premier League match played between Bechem United FC and Elmina Sharks FC at Bechem thereby bringing the game into disrepute.

Referee Reginald Lathbridge’s actions are held to have been in violation of Articles 22 and 35(7)(d) in the GFA General Regulations and other regulations in respect of this matter.

The Disciplinary Committee states that the importance of the Match Official’s Reports in football cannot be overemphasised in view of Article 85 of the GFA Disciplinary Code which presumes that the Referee’s Report is accurate and considered authoritative regarding matters on incidents that take place on the field of play and the far-reaching consequences any inaccuracy may lead to.

Full written Decision of the Disciplinary Committee to be delivered to parties.

– GFA –

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